Office Face Lift

I love bargains! However, I got more work than I’d bargained for. New deskMy husband bought this beautiful mahogany and poplar desk at our local Goodwill store for a great price. I’d have room for storage and a better work surface.

Living in a 1900 era house has its charm but also some drawbacks–narrow doors plus oddly angled dormers and roof lines. Moving the desk into my office nook would take some creative maneuvers and the muscles of two men. We had to leave the desk outside during its first night at our home until someone could help carry it. The next day I discovered several white water stains where the tarp allowed moisture through. I couldn’t work on those outside or risk more damage from rain!

Did I mention both the desk and the top weigh a ton and have a bazillion screws? I seriously considered moving my office to another location in our home. My husband removed the 3 ft. x 6 ft. top. A friend helped carry the files and drawers up the stairs, through four doors, and around several corners. After all of that effort, the top was an inch too long for the window nook!  According to measurements, the desk should perfectly fit in the dormer. Instead, we found a marked bow in the old wall. Why hadn’t I seen that before? Yes, I knew the floor wasn’t level but I didn’t realize the wall was crooked too!

While we considered how to trim the top so it would fit, I needed to remove the water stain. A friend suggested I iron the white marks with a thin cloth and a steam iron. It greatly improved the marks but didn’t remove all the water damage. Pinterest pins said to use mayonnaise. It helped but some white areas remained. Plain toothpaste and a baking soda mixture finally removed all the white marks and restored the top to a beautiful shine. Finally, something was going right.

Reattaching the top of the desk became the grand adventure. We carried the top back down the stairs and hauled it to the local cabinet shop. They trimmed an inch from each side. That should work! So we proudly took it home and carried it back up those stairs. Of course Murphy and his law were in charge now. The crazy top needed another ¼ inch trim on the side where the wall bowed. We hauled it back down the stairs so the cabinet man could shave it once again. Finally, the monster desktop would accommodate the quirky curve we’d never noticed in the wall.

While I was out of town babysitting  grandchildren, my dear husband painted my office/extra bedroom a lighter shade of blue. He placed fresh flowers on the lovely new desk to welcome me home. He’s a keeper. As for the desk, well, it stays with the house if we ever move.




I’m sorting and packing to prepare for demolition and remodeling. What do I keep? Are these dishes worth consigning or are they Goodwill bound?  Tough choices, but nothing like some we face each day. What hard choice are you facing today?

I’m emptying a closet so a damaged wall can be removed. Sorting through years of accumulated stuff isn’t fun. It brings to mind the years of stored excuses and worldly things I should dump at the foot of the cross so a loving Savior can offer forgiveness. Do you need to unload some burden today?
 Our daily lives become cluttered with the cares of the world. God understands. He wants to restore order to the chaos that sneaks in to crowd Him out.

I won’t fill all of my home remodeling posts with analogies for Christian living. These items struck me today as important words. So I’m sharing a bit of my internal and external clutter with a prayer that you can release part of yours to Christ.

Empty of the mess, stripped of their covering, these upper cabinets stand ready for demolition. Renewal awaits. The process won’t be easy as upheaval and inconvenience comes later this month. It’s worth the effort. Half of my home will get an uplift.Tossing earthly possessions is hard. Reaping the rewards of restoration and a newly redecorated home will be worth the effort.

Renewal of our souls means so much more. Are you ready to remove the doors that mask the junk and pain in your life? Are you ready to allow God to renovate? I’m praying about areas of my life that need to be revamped as I sort and clean the clutter from my house.

Share your needs with God. If you want to post ways He’s working in your life, leave a comment. Prayers for each other can bring strength and courage to face a huge challenge.