NaNoWriMo Participant

It’s almost November. Time to prepare for NaNoWriMo. During NaNo writers strive to write 50,000 words. That’s about half the length of my novel Grow Old With Me. I’m working on a draft of the next book in the Quilt Trail Series during this special event. My goal is 2000 words/day. If I reach that goal I’ll have a few extra days for the Thanksgiving Holiday and my regular jobs.  I won’t have a complete draft  but I’ll be off to a great start.

Prayers are appreciated. I’ll post my progress on my Melinda Evaul-Author Facebook Page. If I have time I’ll post here on the website. Does anyone know how  to add the widget that shows my word count progress?

Valentine’s Day Book Winner

Thanks to all who helped me promote Grow Old With Me. You’re awesome friends.

The winner is… Ariane!!! 

 In a random drawing from all the helpful entries (you got a chance from each entry item you told me about), Ariane was chosen.

Please, contact me via my contact page email or via an email to  so I’ll get a mailing address for the fat quarters of fabric and the books. You can choose Kindle versions if you prefer.

If I don’t hear from Ariane within 24 hours, I’ll choose another name.

Check out the blog below for pics of my new grandson!!

Another Valentine’s Giveaway You’ll Love

My contest is still open until Feb. 2, 2011.

All you have to do is share something about Grow Old With Me–rules in my previous blog post.

Quilters won’t be able to resist this one. Thanks for bringing it to my attention Billie Bee.

Gorgeous fabrics by Lila Tueller.  Check out her site and earn a chance to win in my Valentine’s Day Contest. Remember, it doesn’t count if you don’t tell me about it.

I’m taking an Internet vacation today, right after I check my mail and post this. Time to plot my next novel.  I get distracted when I’m on-line and your emails show up in my inbox.  I want to respond to you right then!!

Have a great weekend.  Bye for now.

I’ll approve your comments and post them later, so don’t despair if they don’t post immediately. I won’t forget you.

E-book Release Celebration


I’m having a special drawing for Valentine’s Day. You’ll love this prize. Grow Old With Me deals with rural life and quilts. The remaining series will have quilting or quilt-trail related themes. I’m offering a gift quilters and readers can’t resist.


Grow Old with Me launched this week as an E-Book on Amazon


Paperback copies are available from my website You can also contact me via email or a personal message on Facebook. I’ll eventually place the paperback in Amazon and other on-line stores, but for now I like to fulfill the orders myself so I can thank my readers and get to know you. I personalize each copy to your specifications.


  The winner of the Valentines Day Drawing will receive a very nice gift that includes

  •   4 Fat Quarters of color coordinated fabrics 
  • 10 note cards you select from my website Store
  •   2 autographed copies of Grow Old With Me — 1 for you and 1 for a special Valentine in your life. (I’ll personalize the copies following your guidance)
  • If you prefer E-books, you may have 2 Grow Old With Me E-book downloads from Amazon

 I’ve selected a great prize package because I love my readers. It’s Valentines Day so we need to show our love. It’s not easy to ask for your promotional help. This gift comes with heart-felt thanks. 



Each day between January 12 (Wednesday) and February 1 (Tuesday PM) in the comments section of this blog, tell me how you’re helping to spread the word about Grow Old With Me. Each thing you do is not only very much appreciated, but will earn you one entry in the drawing. Do 2 things, you’ve entered twice, etc. There is no limit to the number of entries and you can enter daily. Having readers tell others is the best way to promote my book. So get creative and start talking. If you prefer, you can send an e-mail to telling me what you’ve done. I’ll keep track of every entry and randomly select a winner. 

I must accept each comment before it posts. This helps keep my computer system virus free. I’ll start approving the entries on January 12.


1. Buy a copy of Grow Old With Me. It can be paperback or e-book. Please say which you bought in your comment.


2. If you’ve read Grow Old With Me, review it on Amazon, Facebook, twitter, Shoutlife, Myspace or anywhere else appropriate. Again, each time you post the review, it counts as a separate entry. Please tell me where you posted.


3. Post a link to my website on your blog, website, Facebook, Myspace, Shoutlife page, etc. (Each one counts as an entry if you remember to tell me)


 4. Change your Facebook profile picture to the Grow Old With Me  jpg cover for one day (simply right click on the picture off Amazon, or here. Save it to your computer and post it to your Facebook page.


5. Post a comment along with the book cover and/or title to any of your blogs, websites, or networking sites.


6. Spread the word about this contest on other blogs, sites, via e-mails to your friends, etc.


7. Simply say on any networking site or in an e-mail to your friends, that Grow Old With Me by Melinda Evaul has been released in e-book on Amazon and paperback on her website. Say anything else that might spark interest.


 8. Ask your library to order a copy of Grow Old With Me


9. Any other idea that would help spread the word that I haven’t thought of.

Remember to let me know what you did and include at least your first name with the entry. I’ll announce the winner the evening of February 2 on my Website and on Facebook. Oh, that’s Groundhog day! I loved that movie. So in Groundhog Day fashion, get busy doing the same thing every day until February 2, 2011. It would be the best Valentine’s Day gift you could give me.


I can’t express how much your help would mean. Friends like you are wonderful.