I’m sorting and packing to prepare for demolition and remodeling. What do I keep? Are these dishes worth consigning or are they Goodwill bound?  Tough choices, but nothing like some we face each day. What hard choice are you facing today?

I’m emptying a closet so a damaged wall can be removed. Sorting through years of accumulated stuff isn’t fun. It brings to mind the years of stored excuses and worldly things I should dump at the foot of the cross so a loving Savior can offer forgiveness. Do you need to unload some burden today?
 Our daily lives become cluttered with the cares of the world. God understands. He wants to restore order to the chaos that sneaks in to crowd Him out.

I won’t fill all of my home remodeling posts with analogies for Christian living. These items struck me today as important words. So I’m sharing a bit of my internal and external clutter with a prayer that you can release part of yours to Christ.

Empty of the mess, stripped of their covering, these upper cabinets stand ready for demolition. Renewal awaits. The process won’t be easy as upheaval and inconvenience comes later this month. It’s worth the effort. Half of my home will get an uplift.Tossing earthly possessions is hard. Reaping the rewards of restoration and a newly redecorated home will be worth the effort.

Renewal of our souls means so much more. Are you ready to remove the doors that mask the junk and pain in your life? Are you ready to allow God to renovate? I’m praying about areas of my life that need to be revamped as I sort and clean the clutter from my house.

Share your needs with God. If you want to post ways He’s working in your life, leave a comment. Prayers for each other can bring strength and courage to face a huge challenge.

Demolition and Reconstruction

Damage from a fallen tree limb during a storm brings major home repairs at the Evaul house. 

Add to that a house that’s over 100 years old, a leaky roof with several days of rain from the remnants of hurricane Lee, and we’re preparing for loads of fun. This is a crack  around our kitchen window on the first floor. The cabinets are separated from the wall. 

Another crack in our bedroom floor and extends down the back of the house where the limb acted like a claw hammer and pulled the outer wall away from the house. It’s hanging on by prayers and some sturdy nails. Plastic bags make good temporary insulation. We don’t go out that door to the balcony at this point in time.

It is  not an optical illusion.

 The stairs from our balcony are twisted and detached from the house.    


Yep, we have plaster lathing in the ceiling. We’re good at demolition but our attempt at plumbing failed. The drain still leaks. Hey, at least the ceiling isn’t sagging and sopping wet. Another item for the contractor’s “repair list.”

At the end of September the deck and the back of our house will be removed. Eventually, we’ll have a new kitchen, bedroom, roof, deck, and laundry room. Guess we’ll need a new ceiling in the dining room. Oh, and a new drain for the shower might be handy.

I’ll post pics as we get into full remodel mode. For now, we’ll pack most of our house as we prepare to live in some available corner. Stay tuned for dramatic photos as we discover unknown secrets within the walls of “this old house.”