Farewell Andy Barker

It saddens me to hear that the founder of Love Valley, NC passed away yesterday. Andy Barker was a visionary who leaves his influence on the history of Iredell County, NC.

 He wanted to be a cowboy so he built a town in 1954. People from around the world traveled to meet Andy and see his cowboy town.

 Andy and Ellenora Barker became my friends as I researched my novel, Grow Old With Me. We chatted in Andy’s Hardware Store, laughed around the table in his home, and talked about life in Love Valley.

I’m thankful I had the opportunity to go to Love Valley in April, hold a book signing, and autograph a copy for Andy and his wife Ellenora. It was an honor to spend time with his granddaughter, and attend church with his daughter.

Grow Old With Me is a work of fiction set in Andy’s vibrant old-west-style town. To see more pictures of Love Valley, NC visit my website http://www.melindaevaul.com

North Carolina lost a great man this week.

If God has horses in heaven, I’m sure Andy Barker is riding a fine one today. Farewell to a special man.

More e-Book Formats

Grow Old With Me is now in e-Book in several online stores.





See that nifty gold sticker on the cover?

It’s my nomination for Dan Poynter’s 2011 Global e-Book Award.

 Juding is taking place as I write. I should hear about my status within a few days.  

I’ll let you know when Grow Old With Me is ready on other on-line stores and if it earns Finalist status.