Whiter Than Snow

I  awoke to a winter wonderland. Merry Christmas! My husband, son, and cat, ventured out to take pictures. I stayed cozy on the couch and watched the branches of our plum tree grow heavy as fat wet flakes settled quietly on every branch.

I’ve added pictures taken in our yard. I’d love to see some of your Christmas shots. After you tour my website, hop over to my FB page, Melinda Evaul-Author, to share your Christmas pictures. I’ll choose a random shot on Monday and give a copy of Grow Old With Me to that poster.

Remember the where’s Waldo pictures? I have my own version–find the white cat in the snow. He’s easy to spot with his fancy blue harness. My cat can’t hear so he’s leash trained.      Cold paws from fluffy snow are a new experience for him.    

He thinks he is royalty so he posed for a regal picture after his adventure.  

True Royalty Came on Christmas

The King of Kings came to earth on Christmas. That old hymn “Whiter Than Snow” keeps rolling through my head. We celebrate Christ’s birth today. Many have no idea that He is the reason we have Christmas . The spotless, sinless, Son of God came to become our savior. He came to take our crimson sins and make us whiter than snow.

The red berries on my nandina bushes reminded me of the blood He willing shed for me. Have you contemplated His gracious gift as you celebrate Christmas?