A Quilt Square Trivia Day

Thanksgiving week means a trip across TN to visit family. I’m grateful to have extended and immediate relatives who want to share time together.

Another advantage of travel—a chance to view Quilt Barn squares. Today’s Quilt Trail adventure took my husband and me through middle TN via Lynchburg. www.lynchburgtn.com/default.html –home of Jack Daniels, but we didn’t opt for a tour of the distillery or the TN Walking Horse Museum. Instead, we strolled along the town square to a craft consignment store. They offered locally crafted quilts, knitting, and lovely embroidery. I hope to set up a book signing there during Lynchburg’s 2011 Spring in the Hollow event. (Watch my Events page to see if that opportunity works out) I couldn’t resist a stop at Nina’s Taste of TN http://www.ninastasteoftennessee.com/ for a sample of homemade fudge…laced with Jack Daniels of course. 

The Quilt Barns we found aren’t listed in the Appalachian Quilt Trail http://www.vacationaqt.com/ brochure. I heard about them from the owners of Ledford Mill Bed and Breakfast www.lanierbb.com/ during our last TN Quilt Trail trip. I can’t give quilt block names so help me conduct some research. If you quilters out there can name the blocks please comment. Mulberry Cottage had a block with four hearts. The Tipps Farm’s old log cabin, complete with a blue porch swing, rocking chairs, and a colorful quilt square, was especially interesting. I’d love to know more of the history behind that location and quilt square—no one available to educate us. The Bedford Barn offered a picturesque rural setting. At Bivens Farm near Fayetteville, we found Ezekiel’s Will, also known as Crown of Thorns, along a busy main road. The owner has provided a nice pull off drive so tourist can view the square.

Lovely fall weather, friendly people, and Quilt Barn Squares added to my Photo Gallery made for a wonderful day. I’ll post pictures here on the blog too. Can you help me give these squares their missing identity? It could earn you a copy of Grow Old With Me.